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Piano Moon
Learning piano can be fun and games

A New Way To Learn Piano

Connect your piano to play songs and games with instant feedback.

Curated songs

Practice from a large collection of carefully curated songs of various difficulty levels.

Interactive games

Learn and develop essential music skills by playing games that are as challenging as they are fun.


Improve your sight-reading skills by playing through an endless variety of exercises.

Instant feedback

Get instant evaluation results and detailed feedback for your performances.

Progress tracking

Track your high scores, practice minutes, and activities, all from one dashboard.

Download Sheet Music

Download sheet music PDFs for songs you would like to print or use offline.

Best Performance

Piano Moon automatically stores your best performance for each song.

Save and playback

Save your recordings with evaluation feedback, and play them back at your leisure.

Share your recordings

Share your favorite recordings with friends and family and brag about your new piano skills.

Measure-by-Measure Feedback

Get feedback for each recorded measure regarding missed or incorrect notes.

Everything you need to learn piano

With its user-friendly design, Piano Moon makes it easy to get the most out of your piano practice sessions, no matter your skill level.

Unique Features for Effective Learning

Piano Moon's real-time recording and evaluation helps you identify areas for improvement and provides specific guidance on how to correct mistakes.

Guided Practice

Scrolling sheet music with measure highlights and metronome clicks provide a guided learning experience.

Tempo Control

Practice and play back songs at your preferred tempo.

Know Thy Notes

Start learning songs through sight-reading without worrying about rhythm.

Measure Selection

Select a single measure, range of measures, or the entire song to practice or play back.


Play-along with songs to learn them without recording or evaluation.


Play one or more measures in loop mode.

Single-Hand Mode

Learn with one hand at a time until you are proficient with both hands.


Our algorithm automatically calibrates your piano and adapts to your playing style for accurate evaluation.

Recent Activities

View the list of your recent song practice activities.

Song Practice Report

Track your scores and practice minutes for individual songs.

Song Filter

Instantly filter songs by skill level and keywords.


Bookmark your favorite songs so you can easily find them later.

Play fun games to learn essential piano skills

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Frequently Asked Questions

Piano Moon provides a user-friendly interface for practicing songs and games on your piano that is connected to your laptop, desktop, or mobile device via MIDI.

During practice, you can use several unique features that allow you tailor your learning experience. These features include visually appealing on-screen sheet music, measure highlights and auto-scrolling, tempo control, hand selection, etc.

Piano Moon also provides measure-by-measure feedback of your performances, allowing you to hone in on your mistakes and perfect your sight-reading and timing.

In addition, Piano Moon includes several games that will stretch your brain and build essential music skills while having tons of fun.

Yes, for evaluation you will need to connect a MIDI-enabled piano to your device running the Piano Moon application. However, if you don't have a MIDI-enabled piano, you can still play-along with songs on your piano, or play our touch-enabled games on your device.

Use a MIDI-USB cable or bluetooth adapter to connect the MIDI ports on your piano to your device. Please refer to the picture below to learn how to connect the cable to the MIDI ports on your piano.

You can find MIDI-USB cables online for less than $10.

Piano Moon offers a few songs and game levels for free so that you can start improving your piano skills and experience all our unique features before you decide to purchase a premium subscription for as low as $9.99 a month or $99.99 annually.

We run promotions from time to time. Please stay tuned for promo codes!

If you would like to subscribe students in bulk, please contact us at to get a special discount.

We offer bespoke piano education portals for piano schools to host their existing curriculum while offering to their students the same unique features and guided learning experience as Piano Moon.